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RAF 2203-01 Collection by Shadow
9. 2. 2014, 15:40:37
Shadow has released a collection of Soviet era transport vans, the Riga Autobus Factory's RAF-2203-01, on the BIS forums. There are several civilian and military versions.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - RAF-2203-01 Collection v1.3 [15,2 MB]

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6. 12. 2012, 17:35:33

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Oops sorry, wrong show :p

Everyone say "Thank you!" to Jerry Hopper who, besides his many other activities for the Community, is now also hosting our download server!

Cervo and the team

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WW2 beach obstacles
1. 4. 2012, 20:37:50
Matteo1944 has released his first addon, a set of WW2 era beach obstacles, on the BIS forums. It adds the following:

-Czech Hedgehog
-Logspike with T-35 landmine
-Stake with 75mm shell
-Stake with T-35 landmine
-Dragons tooth
-Dragons tooth with rails
-Rail in concrete

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - WW2 Beach Obstacles [1,8 MB]

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BREM-1 Video
29. 3. 2012, 17:51:26
=SappeR= posted a Youtube video on the BIS forums showing the BREM-1, an armored repair and recovery vehicle of the Russian Federation, that he is working on.

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Nagual's Collection of missions and campaigns
26. 3. 2012, 00:25:20
Variable has collected all of the missions and campaigns made by Nagual and put them into a single pack. There are both singleplayer and multiplayer missions as well as campaigns.

Nagual paid great attention to detail, and so his work is thoroughly recommended. Information about needed addons (mostly addons from Ballistic Addon Studios) can be found in the various readme files.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Nagual's Collections [99,0 MB]

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Tools for OFP: Elite (X-Box)
8. 3. 2012, 22:28:44
Max Qubit collected all of the tools for editing OFP: Elite (X-Box) and made them available on his website.

There are tools for porting missions from the PC version of OFP to OFP: Elite, working with pbo files, changing of the username and more. Some of the tools, like Eliteness can also be used for ArmA: Cold War Assault and ArmA1.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - OFP: Elite tools [6,4 MB]

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Tool Time: Modeling with Blender
7. 3. 2012, 01:00:27

Macser has created tutorials on how to use the Blender modeling program to map models (so the game know what part of a texture needs to be shown on each part of the model) for ArmA: Cold War Assault (/OFP). vektorboson previously released an import/export plugin for the P3D file format, so files can be used directly in Blender without the need to convert to another format.

Forum thread

Being a firm believer in the DIY-principle to addonmaking (Do It Yourself), I thought it would be more encouraging to those thinking about modding to download everything from one convenient source. So I've combined the tutorials, the plugin and Blender 2.49 (currently the plugin is limited to that version) into one package that contains everything you need to start working in Blender.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Modding with Blender 2.49 [22,9 MB]

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CoC Unified Artillery 1.11 hotfix for Cold War Assault
6. 3. 2012, 18:30:12
The release of ArmA: Cold War Assault has caused some addons to malfunction because of the added/changed features, especially affected by this are scripting addons and addons that use extensive scripting.

vektorboson has released a semi-official update for one of the affected addons, the excellent Unified Artillery pack by the Chain of Command (CoC) team.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - CoC Unified Artillery 1.11 hotfix [9,8 MB]

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - CoC Unified Artillery 1.1 [43,3 MB]

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Patch 1.99 Hotfixes 1-4
26. 2. 2012, 20:54:33

Since the release of ArmA: Cold War Assault, BIS has released several fixes. The Cold War Assault file on our server was outdated as it was the original version. Unfortunately because of the ongoing troubles with filesharing websites, the fixes were not available. Thanks to Dwarden, they can now be downloaded again. All four fixes can be downloaded in one package, this will update the game to the latest version dated 22-11-2011.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - ArmA: Cold War Assault Hotfixes 1-4 [141 MB]

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - ArmA: Cold War Assault v.1.99 [525 MB]

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Area 51 mod BUSTED
25. 2. 2012, 21:16:29
We have been contacted by a member of the BIS forum team, stating that Roberto Gazdić aka Roberto Hrvat has been caught stealing intellectual property that was used in ArmA by BIS on several occasions, as well as using pirated copies of ArmA and VBS.

Since we certainly do not support such activities, we thought it would be best to inform everyone about the activities of said individual.

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Binmod realism mod patched to 0.91
17. 2. 2012, 23:34:08
SJ-Studios has released a new beta version of their realism modification on the BIS forums and a patch, bringing the version number to 0.91. Delete the previous version of the mod and install 0.9, then patch to 0.91.

Binmod is a realism based mod by SJ-Studios. We are currently working on it and will work on with it for time to come. Binmod's main mission is to make the game more realistic and fun to play by adding/recreating multiple units, weapons, effects, sounds, etc. new features.

Other main mission is to create an AI that is intelligent and human-like and taking it to the next level in OFP. We think that we accomplished that, and we are proud of it. Not to forget about LOTS of bug fixing, corrections and of course realism.


- Lag spikes from bullet effects removed
- Dynamic Sound System greatly optimized and improved (now very playable with higher spec computers)
- A.I. improved
- Plane physics improved
- Car tire screeching simulated (when driving sideways)
- U.S Multicam units
- Tank turret fire effects improved
- 2 new unfinished islands
- Grass objects to editor
- New infantry mines
- Crater and few other textures improved
- New sounds (for M4, AK-47 and more)
- More ricochet sounds
- LODs for cartridges
- And more fixes and adjustments

Warning: This version is for ArmA: Cold War Assault (1.99) only, a version for people who do not want to update past 1.96 is being worked on.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Binmod 0.9 [939 MB]

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Binmod 0.9 to 0.91 [160 MB]

JAM 3 [13,5 MB] from FTP#1

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JdB Walther P5 and Hesco Bastions
16. 2. 2012, 00:02:02
JdB ^o) has released two addons on the BIS forums.

The Walther P5 is a standard 9mm handgun that holds 8 rounds. The P5C is a slightly shorter version. It includes the usual detailed iron sight and custom inventory pictures as well as a working slide.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - JdB Walther P5 [292 KB]

Hesco Bastions are used all around the world to allow the rapid construction, and solid protection of military bases. They are extremely common in Afghanistan with ISAF for example.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - JdB Hesco Bastions [435 KB]

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Karbala 2004 progress on weapons
4. 2. 2012, 21:10:47
krzychuzokecia of the Karbala 2004 mod, which focuses mainly on the Polish forces that fought in Iraq, has sent us pictures and information about the weapons of the Polish and Bulgarian armies that they are working on.

The AKMS carbine is a complete work of Vilas. It's not original Izhmash variant but last Polish licensed copy.

Beryl Mk96 and Mk04/Mk96B carbines, 5.56 NATO cal. They're made upon original Vilas' model, but went through improving process. Thanks to it our Beryls now have modeled tritium sights for night firing and proper gas block (instead of AKM one in Vilas model). Beryl carbine was issued in 1996 as a standard weapon of Polish Army. It replaced 5.45 cal Tantal Mk89 and some of 7.62 AKs.

PKM and UKM-2000P (also known as Rod Mk04 - for rhodium chemical element) GPMGs which are modified WW4 mod weapons. When Poland was entering the NATO almost everything had to be changed in the army. Visible sign of changes was adopting new types of weapons - WIST Mk94 pistol chambered for 9mm Para, PM-84P Glauberyt machine pistol in the same caliber or Beryl carbine. The same story was with PKM GPMG which was going to be replaced by new weapon for 7.62 NATO rifle cartridge. First such weapon was PKM-N (N for NATO). It was a complete failure, and it's biggest problem was using NATO ammunition but with Soviet type ammo belt! New weapon - UKM-2000 was made by Tarnow Metal Works and designers at Warsaw Military Technical Academy. Although visually resembling PKM, new design is internally completely different.

Karbala 2004 Mod will also contain aforementioned WIST pistol and Wanad Mk83 pistol which was used by Polish Military Contingent in Iraq when WIST was found to be unreliable in desert conditions. There will also be Arsenal AR-1, AR-1M and AR-M1 Bulgarian clones of AK (with milled receiver) and Arsenal GPMG series used by Bulgarian soldiers, who were also fighting in 2004 Battle of Karbala, but these weapons are in very early stage of development.

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Mission post #1
4. 2. 2012, 01:54:02
(SP) Hold the line - by Domcho
Required addons

Hi guys. I made a mission called "Hold the line." It's a simple mission where you have to drive to Le Moule at night and hold the village against enemy attacks.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Hold the line [2,5 MB]

(COOP) Everon Outbrake - by KanePayne
Required addons: None

For unknown reason on Everon were reported acts of canibalism, that was to similiar to things that happend on Nogova, US Army fought it, but failed, now you and few other surviviors hid in the old hut near Saint Pierre, your mission is to survive.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Everon Outbrake [1,3 MB]

(SP) The Great Escape - by Domcho
Required addons

Your objective is to go to the base Northwest from the airfield, steal the Mi24 and fly to Kolgujev. But before you get to the base you must clear all the villages that are in your way.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - The Great Escape [48,9 KB]

(SP) Training Camp - by bohemi
Required addons

Supposed terrorist training camp where you must grab information, eliminate all the hostile units and call the air force to destroy the camp if proceed.

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - Training Camp [6,3 MB]

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DanAK47's updated Guerrilla pack
4. 2. 2012, 01:23:18
DanAK47 has posted an update to his Guerrilla pack on the BIS forums

To reiterate, the main features:
-AI shoot much much more aggressively; these units will dominate vanilla AI
-New animations for "regular" weapons, machineguns, and sniper rifles
-TAC50 Antimaterial rifle can shoot through barriers, disable light vehicles
-New weapons including AR10A4, M47 Dragon, Mini-Uzi

-Reworked several animations
-Made AI more aggressive
-Streamlined some scripts
-Added M240, FN Mag, FN Minimi
-Changed some weapon models

DOWNLOAD (FTP#1) - DanAK47's Guerrilla pack [34,0 MB]

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