Here you will find my tutorials for the program called Oxygen (o2 for short). Its a free 3d tool that anyone can use to make addons (anything; planes, cars, helicopters, weapons and units) for Operation Flashpoint.
To get started, go to the links page to find where to download the program. Then, after following the installation instructions properly and familiarized yourself with its basic interface, start with the lessons below to quickly learn how to make addons for Operation Flashpoint. The tutorials are aimed at the absolute beginner, but intermediates will also find them useful for reference or to refresh their memory.

Getting Started - How to install o2 and Viewer
If you havent already downloaded and installed o2 and viewer, you must read this. Doing this lesson before starting making addons will ensure that your program is set up right and you will avoid a lot of frustration and error messages. Step-by-step guide in downloading, installing and setting up o2 and viewer.
Lesson 1 - Making your first addon
  Getting a quick and easy start is always the best way to learn new stuff. In this very first lesson I will teach you the very basics of making a simple OFP-addon from start to finish. We will do basic modeling, texturing and learn how to compile the addon.
Lesson 2 - Making your first car
  In this second lesson we will use what we have learned from lesson one to build us a simple vehicle; a fancy car for your units to drive in. Let me show you how easy one can take a simple 3d model and turn it into a working car with steering-wheel, shock-absorbers and more.
Lesson 3 - Making your first weapon
  Its time for you to learn "the way of the gun". At least how to make one! Let me guide you in the process of making a cool Browning sniper rifle all the way from blueprint to ingame model. Final version include nice texture, working scope and muzzle flash.
Lesson 4 - Making your first helicopter
  Now we are getting a bit serious here; making our very own chopper. I have made a simple model for you to work on and I will guide you trough all the steps needed to get the machine working the way it should in OFP.
Lesson 5 - Making your first gunboat
Finally a tutorial that deal with boats. Boats are very easy to make, so to make the tutorial a bit more fancy, I have put in a gun turret on the deck. So here you will learn how to make a turret. If you can do that for boats, you can do all sorts of turrets; for helicopters or fixed gun positions.
Lesson 6 - Making your first airplane
  Lets do an airplane together. I provide a model, you follow my instructions and we`ll have a good time. I promise!. Anyway, finally made the much-wanted plane tutorial. So here it is. Follow me as we turn a boring static model into a fully working aircraft with controlsurfaces, spinning rotors and retracting gear.
Lesson 7 - Making your first ARMED airplane
  Our airplane from tutorial 6 was nice enough, but didnt have any firepower. So in this tutorial we fix that by adding a hefty machinegun for dogfighting, some unguided rockets for groundtargets and a couple of Sidewinder rockets for Anti-Air support. Learn to create your own custom rocket and how to add it to your model!
Lesson 8 - Making your first house
  The housetutorial will teach your the basics in how to create a fully working building in OFP. The tutorial covers the usual LOD work, pluss some new info about the View Geometry LOD and a brand new LOD named Paths. You also get lots of modelling practice too! The house in the tutorial got two floors and a working ladder and you will be able to create your own buildings yourself afterwards with ease!
Lesson 9 - Custom Object Animations
  In this tutorial we will learn the basics of custom object animations. We will create two types of door animations, and making one of them operative with a switch. We will also set up a constant rotating radar on top, learn lots of neat tricks and how to avoid some common problems. After reading the tutorial you should be able to create animated doors and the likes for your own addons with not much trouble.